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Weight Loss, a healthy approach

By Anna Sawkins

Feb 23, 2022

Weight Loss, a healthy approach

When we eat foods that raise glucose blood levels, we get a boost of energy that is then frequently followed by a drop in energy levels or a low, i.e. a tired feeling.

Certain foods raise blood sugar fast and are considered to have a high GI;

  • White bread or similar products
  • Low fibre cereals
  • Sweets /High Sugar Diet
  • White pasta and white rice
  • Potatoes (mashed, in particular)
  • Rice Cakes

Since our bodies change almost all of the carbohydrates we eat into blood glucose, it is not as easy as just checking for Sugars in a product. Foods with a high GI raise blood glucose more than a one with a medium or low GI.

For a constant blood sugar level, it is wise to choose foods mainly from a low and medium GI group. So, for example, you may choose wholemeal bread over brown or white bread or sweet potatoes over white potatoes. Generally, the more cooked or processed the food is, the higher the GI is likely to be.

Because insulin secretion adjusts to match the amount of carbohydrate that we eat, it is common sense to manage blood sugar by food choices like this in that it does not give our body too much work to do to maintain constant blood sugar levels. A word of caution: GI is only a guide and studies have shown that the total amount of carbohydrate in food in general, is a stronger predictor of blood glucose response than the GI. Portion control remains extremely important when managing blood glucose and for losing or maintaining weight.

To support a healthy sugar level naturally, including more vegetables and fruits every day in the diet matters. Dark leafy greens, cooked tomatoes, peppers and anything that’s a yellow, orange, or red colour is going to be beneficial. Avoid starchy vegetables like potatoes.

One trick to make things simple is to aim for two-thirds of each meal to be non-starchy vegetables.

Two-thirds salads, or mixed veg plus a third of protein is one easy way to reach this goal. Change to fruits and vegetables instead of sugary snacks throughout the day too: apples and cheese, low-fat yoghurt and vegetables for dipping, cottage cheese on whole wheat or rye products all give the body slow release energy that has the bonus of making you feel good.

In addition to a low GI diet, certain rare sugars called monosaccharides can also help you to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Most people have heard of using glucosamine for healthy joints, (as the name would suggest, is a type of sugar), but other sugars have essential functions too.

L Arabinose

The effects of L Arabinose on stabilising sugar levels and helping with weight loss is well documented.

Blood-sugar spiking indirectly causes all sorts of problems from obesity to Diabetes Type II, because once the sugar-rush has faded, we get hungry again and tend to overeat. Often the matter is made worse because low blood-sugar makes us want to eat sweet things, which starts that cycle all over again.

When the sugar-rush from eating reaches a particular level, our body realises we are not going to need the glycogen we already have stored in our liver, and converts that excess glycogen into fat for long-term storage; this is the cause of obesity. When people claim “It is my metabolism...” they are correct. However, breaking the fat storage cycle effectively changes the metabolism. There are many studies on the effects of natural L Arabinose:

L Arabinose can make a considerable contribution to controlling body weight along with a change in lifestyle and eating habits. In other words, firstly try to avoid eating greasy, fatty foods, white bread and white flour cakes, and other foods and drinks with excessive sugar added. Secondly, try to eat more vegetables and whole grains and increase exercise as well as takingL-Arabinose Plus™ (a pure version of L Arabinose) before meals, you will see a gradual but noticeable improvement in your energy levels along with safe weight loss.

Since available energy drops and appetite increases as soon as glycogen begins to be stored as fat and blood-glucose levels start to fall, the process of stabilising blood-sugar levels allows us to use stored glycogen as energy. When energy is available from stored glycogen, we do not get hungry, this is the logic behind L-Arabinose Plus, and it may be why women have latched on to L-Arabinose Plus as a way to lose weight naturally. The process is simple - when we are less hungry, we eat less. When we use the energy stored as glycogen, we do not store it as fat.

According to WebMD, [www.webmd.com...obesity-health-risks] people who are overweight are 40% more likely to die prematurely than people of normal weight and to suffer from everything from heart disease, ischaemic & haemorrhagic strokes to cancer.

Many of these ill-effects are down to Type II Diabetes which tends to affect obese people, so losing weight is for them an essential part of maintaining health.

Sweet Cures is keen to get the health message across that L-Arabinose Plus is not just aimed at women, although women are more weight-conscious than men, as a rule. However, returning to good health and fitness is equally important to men. Men who are overweight suffer from all the same health problems that affect women and some extra ones such as erectile dysfunction, prostate problems and other male-associated problems.

It is the way L-Arabinose Plus works that is the key to its success. It is not about fad diets where sudden weight loss and subsequent gain can do more harm than good. Gradually getting blood-sugar levels under control returns the body to natural balance, especially when combined with a healthy lifestyle. 2 small tablets about half hr before a meal is all it takes.

Sweet Cures is aware of the way particular triggers can seriously affect our health, and our products are all about returning the body to a natural balanced state, but they are not panaceas.

For all problems related to diagnosed Diabetes and excess insulin production, always consult your doctor.

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